Unique Tips To Achieve Your Goals.

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5 Tips To Crack Your Goals In 2020!

Let’s Aim For The Bullseye!

What role does goal-setting play in one’s life?

Why is it important to form a Goal?

In simple definition- a goal is something that keeps you going even after failures, problems or any kind of hurdles on the path.

Goals are only effective when they are planned, measured and formed correctly.

Another important task that is a part of goal setting is reviewing the goals on regular basis and that could be weekly, monthly, quarterly, half-yearly & yearly.

Reviewing is also an important exercise of the goal setting. Without reviewing your goals, your goals often end up in a rubbish bin and nobody wants that.

The goals become stronger when there is a strong reason attached to it.

The goals that lack a reason or a why isn’t a goal. There has to be a permanent motivation factor. You don’t need anyone to come and motivate you externally because temporary motivation will fade away with time.

How can you make your goals productive, efficient & effective?

Let’s now discuss about making goals that are productive, efficient & effective.

First of all, one should understand that it isn’t about the goal, it is about the efforts or the work behind achieving those goals.

It’s about becoming better, working harder and then being smarter by ensuring that planned efforts are up to the mark and finding you the best results.


Let’s do some exercise now with the help of which you will understand how can you perform better under any given circumstances.

My above question has the answer in it-

Ask questions from yourself- what do you want to do, why you want to achieve this, how are you going to achieve this and where would you like to achieve it?

It is really important for you to know this.

Allow a time span as well- I don’t want to miss it.

There needs to be an allocated time, which will serve as a motivation to get up from the bed and not procrastinate.

Your goals remain unachieved until you carry out the work and do the efforts.

There may be some repetitive tasks, some of the tasks that you carry may not be likable but you need to understand that these are the only ways by which your goals can be accomplished.

The next stage comes to formulating a plan.

Begin with the resources you already have and how are you going to utilize those resources.

What are you going to outsource and bring someone in to train you to become better with each passing day?

Is there something that is causing the wastefulness of the existing resources, how will you minimize that or become effective?

And list the activities that require ongoing support.

Let ‘s check what one must seek while forming a goal.

Let us apply the SMART Goal method.

1. Sustainable

What do we mean by this?

The goal should be challenging but not impossible to reach.

    During my earlier days, I used to form such goals that were impossible to reach and it felt like I am not capable of anything. So, the formation of the goals needs to be challenging but not impossible that will leave you with negative experiences.

    The closer you get to your goal by each passing day, the more motivated you will feel.

    2. Measurable

    Your goals must be based on a parameter with the help of which you could measure your goals.

      It should be something that could help you measure your progress. The numbers are always better because you can compare your progress.

      For example- You are a company that is manufacturing bulbs and have bought new machinery with the help of which you thought your production will get increased by 20 times.

      Previously, if the unit was manufacturing 200 bulbs a day, now this should get increased to 4000 bulbs a day. Ensuring that the quality parameters are also checked.

      So, this is one of the ways with the help of which one can understand that by applying certain methods, something fruitful will happen.

      This is one of the ways to measure the efficiency and productivity of the unit.

      Similarly, one can use certain methods with which the progress can be measured.

      3. Action-Oriented

      Remaining action-driven only helps one move forward. It doesn’t work like, you have formed a goal and you haven’t started to take any action related to it.

        You must know what you are going to do to achieve your goals. Also, at the same time, you must know what are you not going to do to get closer to your goals.

        Meaning controlling your bad habits and forming good habits to get closer to your goal.

        There may also be a need for a mentor or trainer to keep you on track.

        The importance of having a Guru is something immeasurable. That can’t be defined in words.

        4. Rewards 

        Rewarding yourself is another great way to ensure that you stick to your goal. Make a plan on what rewards you will get on your achievements.

          The rewards also helps you form certain good habits. Imagine if you are struggling to lose weight and you are someone fond of eating food from outside. How will you reward yourself?

          Rewarding yourself on eliminating each hurdle along the way will help you get closer to your end goal faster than ever. That urge towards being rewarded also helps to ensure that you don’t get distracted from your track.

          5. Time-Bound 

          While remaining action-driven, you must ensure that there are time limits within which the goal has to be accomplished.

            Time limits make you run faster towards your goal and this helps you ensure that you are putting continuous efforts to reach your target.

            You will be required to review your goal plan at each stage, and also be able to make necessary changes that will identify whether if you are being on track or not.

            Learn about forming a Goal in an easier way.

            Goal Setting Format

            Name your goal-

            Date to begin-

            Reviewing dates                                              Reviewed By- Some trainer who can track it.

            End Goal

            Reason to achieve your goal

            Where are you going to achieve?

            What are you looking at improving?

            What are you going to stop?

            Rewards at each level

            External conditions that could affect you from achieving-

            Key down your strengths as per the goal

            Key down your weakness or habits that you would like to change

            I hope the information provided is really going to be beneficial for you all in not only forming a goal but also in reviewing and achieving your goal too.

            All the very best.

            Be the best..

            Luv Khattar


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