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Free Training. Success Sure Shot! 

The Ultimate Guide For Teenager & Youth Development.

All your W’s are answered here with How to?

Your life only gets a direction with a ‘Why’.

The people who struggle all throughout their life doesn’t have a stronger reason to strive & thrive for success.

Are you someone who has been through tough times in life?

And you certainly don’t want this to happen with your child?

What have you thought about your children’s future or you will just let that happen?

Believing that everyone comes on earth with his/her own destiny.

I used to believe like you but my mentality/thought process got changed.

I now believe that you are the master of your own destiny and you have all the super-powers to shape your life by changing your beliefs.

Your child’s future is in your hands and your mind requires a path or a direction where you can guide your child in the direction they want to be where they are happy and they are making a good living for themselves in this competitive environment.

Indeed, you don’t want your child to become lost and end up being nowhere.

Hello friends,

My name is Luv Khattar. I am on a mission to help youth and other people like me. I have planned to run an online youth development program.

This is not only affordable but within your spending limits. If I say that you only have to invest just a very small amount of time, I am not asking you to spend any money but it’s only the time.

Your learning is directly proportional to your growth and helps you to attain success.

The more you spend your time into learning, the more helpful it is going to be for you in the future.

But wait!

If you don’t apply this learning into the real world, the possibility is that you might fail.

And I don’t want you to fail.

I don’t want any of my learners to fail.

Your success is my success.

Seeing you achieve growth in life will bring true bliss to me.

What sort of training one can expect on this platform?

I am definitely seeing people here in India that they want to change but there isn’t any platform with the help of which the change is possible.

I know that people want to learn to speak English, be confident while talking, be able to face the interviews and get the job that they want.

They have the degree but the degree is of no good use. The people have taken the training but the training hasn’t helped them achieve success.

The training is designed to be costlier and is beyond everyone’s approach.

And even after the training, people yet complain that their motive isn’t solved or they haven’t gained what they desired to by joining some training.

I know I have worked as a tutor back in the past when I used to reside in India, the training institutes costs you hefty money and the owners are more interested in filling their own pockets. The education system doesn’t seem to help you achieve success.

Seeing students and other youngsters dissatisfied, I have now decided to come up with the idea of training people with what I have learned so far in the last 15 years.

Your time is crucial. Your Guru or mentor has to be someone who could help you achieve success in life without having to think about what he/she will gain in return. I know this form of the education system was back in the past and is valid no more.

I am trying to bring back that system of education #knowledge with which you can expect to learn and implement that learning in your life. And in return, the only donation that I want from you is thanks in the form of sharing this information with other people in need.

Also, I hope that you will be considerate about my time too. I will try my best to post as much training as possible but at the same time, I have my commitments too towards my family.

But a commitment from me is to help you find the right direction in life.

I may be late in replying but I will certainly try to ensure. Through this medium, I will also try to come online quite often to help you all.

The description of the training content-

You can expect-

1. Importance of effective communication

2. Learning English right from the start

3. Job interview Q&A.

4. Improving your personality (Personality grooming)

5. Learn about Retail & Sales.

6. Failing to plan means planning to fail in business.

7. What you should do before you plan to travel abroad? Do’s & Don’ts.

8. Work from home opportunities.

9. Teachings from Bhagwad Geeta.

10. Share your knowledge with me.

    The medium of sharing the information will be through either blogging or through video sharing on YouTube.

    When shared through blogging, it will have some exercises that I would encourage each & every one of you to must try to finish within a given time and through your comments, I will only get to know the progress.

    Through videos, this will be an interactive session.

    Life is not about surviving, it is about living. And don’t wait for the things to happen of its own, no that never happens, strive for it, making it happen!

    Share your experience and help me get better information across to you.

    Note that knowledge increases with sharing. Don’t keep your knowledge confined to just yourself.

    Do yourself a favor if you think that the content is really valuable not just this any content, do share this with your mates. And this is for the sake of improvement and knowledge sharing.

    Get the knowledge spread across to everyone because you don’t know just by sharing some information, this may bring success to someone, somewhere.

    Be awesome!

    Spend your time improving and being better than yesterday.

    Cheers to your success!

    Luv Khattar

    You can also visit my other website for getting information on work from home opportunities.

    Visit- www.learn2earnmoneyonline.com


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