What Makes You A Great Salesperson- Learn & Make More Sales.

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Do You Have What It Takes to Make you A Great Sales Guy?

Learn to read your customer’s emotions!

3 most important emotions that help you crack a sale.

A good salesman knows it all.

Your sales knowledge isn’t just enough if you don’t understand the buyer’s emotions.

Selling isn’t about a sales pitch instead it’s about understanding the factors based on which the buyer makes an informed decision. Do you know what these emotions are through which the buyers decide to make a purchase?

1. Starting with Hope

Fill your customer’s blank life with hope. This will serve as a rope to win customer’s confidence and clear your pathway towards making a sale.

A buyer before making a purchase remains hopeful that his problems will be solved after purchasing a certain product. The buyer wants his purchase will help to make life easier for him/her.

Based on the sales & marketing theories too, hope holds a key position because it is about solving a problem. By understanding the requirements of a customer, you can provide the customer with a solution that will lead to cracking a sale.

2. Eradicating Fear

It is the fear factor that also plays a significant role in deciding whether a customer will make a purchase or not. Fear is one such factor that can’t be ignored. More the fear about something, it becomes easier to close a sale. Let me help you with an example.

This I understood whilst working in the vacuum industry. Where I was trained in understand the psychological symptoms through which a customer decides to make a purchase and such factors often begin with fear of losing someone, health concerns, saving on medical treatments in the longer one, fear of unseen and there are so many other factors based on which a customer often decides to make a purchase.

Imagine, you are running a pharmacy- there is fear about health, there is fear about death and the factors that are unpredictable. Often seen that the factors that lead to more fear about something in life, product sales become easier.

I have more examples related to other industries too, comment below if you would like to know about the industry that you work in? It will prove to be a great exercise for me too.

3. Desire

A desire of owning something leads one to put extra effort into life. Understand one thing, anyone born on this earth will have the desires and it is up to the salesperson to understand the Why factor?

You want to make your sales process easier than you must the reason behind why the person has come to your website or physical store. Understand how can you help your client to fulfill that desire. How can you dig deep into your customer’s mind and get him to talk about his desire to owning a product?


Once you are able to dig deep into the mind of your customer and get to know the reason why he wants to own a certain product then the customer is all yours. And the easier step to make him speak about his desires is by forming a relationship on some common grounds.


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