How To Write Terms & Conditions For E-Commerce Store?

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Terms & Conditions For Your Next E-Commerce Business.

It is your duty to remain protected from the unseen. Just like in our daily life, we get attacked by viruses or bacterias that could affect our health and general well being. In a similar way, our business could get affected by unforeseen circumstances.

Are You Really Ready For Your Next Business?

I am sharing my knowledge with you which is based on my experience of running an E-Commerce page (Facebook). I have been running this business for over 5 years now and is in the expansion mode as well.

So, generally speaking, if these conditions aren’t in place your success could come to a halt. It is always advised by the successful business owners to have a clear set of policies in the business. And these policies should work as guidelines for you or the staff members in your business.

With structured & clear policies in place, the operations become very easy. And at the end of the day, every business owner would like to enjoy a sound sleep but not the sleepless nights.

And that is the number 1 reason why it is important to keep your business protected with such terms & conditions that will really help in your growth and always keep your customers informed, happy & satisfied. You know why because the clear set of conditions are already there.

Let’s understand this with an example of my online store.

So, I along with my wife started this business in New Zealand and is now taking this business to Australia. This is an online clothing store where we not only provide customized and pre-ordered items but also, keep some items in our garage. Yes, this business originally started in the garage.

Here we go-

It’s a pre-order online store. We have been in business for over 5 years. With our successful operations in New Zealand, now I am starting an online store in Melbourne Australia. You are requested to read through these conditions prior to making any purchases. This will create a win-win situation for the buyer and the seller and I really hope to make these conditions favorable to make your experience the best.

1. Before an order is accepted a 50% advance will be required. Although, the customers who will become regular over a period, this may become negotiable. The remaining balance will be paid upon delivery or pick up as is convenient for you.

2. There are extra courier charges depending upon the size of the outfit.

3. If the outfit is shipped directly from the country of origin, the charges will be included and all the payments are accepted in advance. This generally happens in case of bulk orders. Like if you are trying to organize several outfits for your family or friends all together.

4. The payment modes are PayPal or account transfer in a nominated bank account in your country or a different country if you hold the business or personal account there.

5. We cannot guarantee delivery timing as sometimes this is beyond our control. Generally, the stocks are received within 5 working days but at times this duration may be extended due to other’s orders too. However, if the delivery of the outfits is on priority, we can arrange that too. The cost might change but there won’t be a significant difference.

6. No Exchange Or Refund. The items are only refunded if there is any damage to the outfit. Although, we try to ensure that all the outfits are checked in advance before sending this through to you. Sometimes, you also need to be aware of the fact that it could be a manufacturing default. So, certain things are beyond our control. The clothing or designer items like jewelry don’t carry any guarantee with it.

7. Once the items are purchased or ordered, there is no way that you can change your mind. The deposit won’t be refunded and if the items aren’t picked, we have all the rights to sell these items with 3 weeks unless if there is an agreement or layby is confirmed. In the case of delays, please keep us informed.

8. The dress color may vary. And we cannot guarantee the color changes too. So, please make your orders carefully online. This clause is to prevent the conflict as there are dresses that are worn by the models and the quality varies due to cost factor. A clothing item may have the replicas of a certain product and which is why this clause is here for you to make an informed decision. If you are unsure of something better ask.

9. We highly encourage you to make a video when the product arrives and you are about to open the box or bag. This will be a way to prove the product defect. In case of late responses or no proofs, the claims will not be entertained.

I request you to take legal advice as well, these are very general terms and conditions and you might require a professional to help you. All these terms & conditions that are provided above are very general and this may or may not be relevant to your trade.

I am not a professional legal advisor so before considering any terms or conditions from the above, it is your duty to either follow or unfollow it. This is purely based on educational grounds but nothing else. And under no circumstances, I take any guarantee for my piece of advice, this may or may not work and si totally situational based.

My main purpose is to share my knowledge and gain knowledge at the same time from the readers. I am a strong believer in the fact that knowledge increases with sharing.

I hope that I have made myself very clear here and for the other articles/blogs as well. My intentions are to spread knowledge based on the information that I have obtained so far in my life.

Your journey or plans are different than me and so please make sure to only take the knowledge from the articles and use your own brain before implementing anything in your life.

Wishing you all the very best.

Be successful!

Luv Khattar


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