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How To Find Your Dream Job?

Build a powerful resume’ today.

Learning how to build a powerful resume can land you a golden job opportunity.

Begin with a solid Headline because the tag line has it all. You need to know how to describe yourself in a few words that will leave a long-lasting impression on the readers.

Avoid using your Date of birth, country of origin and father’s name. That is old fashioned. Nobody is interested in knowing about your age, country of origin.

The only thing the reader/HR is interested in is the skills that you will carry with you and what are you going to bring with you on the table.

Keep your resume as short as possible but it doesn’t mean that you will omit the necessary details of it.


It has to have years of experience, education, and skills.

The interviewer will identify or ask about your strengths during the interview. Avoid exaggeration or over boosting about any of your skills.

If you are someone in sales/business development and has helped in the growth of a business. Do make sure to write about how you have helped the business and what extraordinary you did to achieve the growth in the business.

Similarly, for the people in the field of Engineering, what projects you have worked and where you have helped in the project as a team member and an individual. Your skills are not only noted individually but in a team too.

Now let us begin with the important fields in your resume.

To Begin with-

Start With Your Name At The Top In The Bold Letters

Remember- if your name is sometimes difficult to pronounce, use the initials of your name & surname. This will sound easier.

Next- put the contact details that should include a valid email id or the one in use and your phone number where the interviewee can get in touch with you.

The tag line is the most important that outlines your attitude, communication, skills and the role that you are looking for. That needs to have a substance and leaves an impression on the HR or the person selecting your resume.

You must have heard of the statement” First impression is the last impression.” This is very true. People judge others and finding quality is one of the parameters based on which the selection is made. Skills can be taught but quality and attitude cannot be.

Work Experience.

Ensure to write your work experience going from the latest to the oldest. And don’t forget to mention the skills that you have gained on the job and how was your experience in the company along with your results & achievements.

Start date to the end date and the place of work or city where you worked.


In some of the roles, the academics don’t play a big role because it’s all the skills and mostly in the western countries too, it’s about your communication skills and the work skills that you bring to the job.

Your attitude is counted towards doing something, whether if, you are capable of completing a task or not. This is what is mainly noticed

But there are companies too where your academics play an important part. Especially for the roles where your qualifications, certifications are mainly counted. These roles could be anywhere from engineering to accountants’ roles in a firm and so on.

So, in such cases, just like the experience going from the latest to the oldest. Similarly, for education too- write from latest to the oldest.

Additional Qualification

Additional qualification is referred to as the certificates or diplomas that you have gained while being in a role.

It could also be referred to as the on-job training that one must have obtained.

And whilst applying for a job, you must be careful about selecting what certificates fit where and for what job. It’s understandable that when one stays in a company for a long time, the company generally spends on one’s training and there could be different achievements or certificates that a person generally achieves.

In short, be specific.

Save the time of HR. And that’s what the HR or any person would appreciate you for.

Hobbies or Your Personal Interests

And this where the companies also would get more information about your social being and what type of person you.

Be genuine and don’t just write the things for the sake of writing because you get asked a lot of questions about your interests and hobbies.

Companies want to know- what you would do after finishing your work or maybe over the weekends when your days off.

Through this information, companies get an idea about how regular you are for work and how you take your work and personal life. Are you able to create a balance between the two or not?

And that’s a strong parameter, so never think of missing this information too.

Last but not least!


If you have already got your references that great and if not, always mention, available as per request.

Good luck with your next job and create your resume’ which leaves a long-lasting impression.

Share this more and more, so that your friends can be benefitted too.

Here is an example for you-

                                                                            Luv Khattar (LK)

E: abc@gmail.com
Mob: 123456789


Seeking opportunities in sales, business development/growth.

Career History

Mystery Shopper at company name, August-2016 to Present. 


Write down the skills or job responsibilities. Bulleted points.


New Home Sales Consultant(contractor) at company name, May-2016 to Present.


Write down the skills or job responsibilities. Bulleted points.

Residential Sales Agent at XYZ company, August-2015 to Apr-2018


Write down the skills or job responsibilities. Bulleted points.


Store Manager/Team Leader at CDE, Mar-2017 to Aug

Write down the skills or job responsibilities. Bulleted points.

Project Sponsor & Planner at MCD, Aug-2015 to Nov-2016

Write down the skills or job responsibilites. Bulleted points.

Business Development Manager at PLE, Dec-2011 to Mar-2016

Write down the skills or job responsibilities. Bulleted points.



Negotiation, Management, Sales & customer skills, Problem-solving, Multi-tasking, CRM skills, Portfolio management, Building & Construction, Relationship building


Bachelor of Business from Name of the University, Year of completion


Diploma in Management Level from College name, Year of completion

Fundamentals of Marketing, Organizational Management, Business Computing, Applied Management, Business communications & Leadership.

Diploma in Computers from the name of Institute, year of completion

Computing Skills.

Hobbies & Interests

References available on request.

Just to make the things easier for you all, there are resume builders that are available for free too. Check on google and seek out more help to build a resume.

Cheers to your success.

Luv Khattar


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