How To Carry The SWOT Analysis- Make Your Future in 2020.

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Do You Know What You Have? Learn By Doing SWOT Analysis.


SWOT Your life and Gain Success. 

Start your journey with SWOT analysis.

It is really important for you to know yourself.

How would you get to know yourself? Do you have a plan?

You don’t require to go to any counselor or an astrologer/psychic who will try to predict your future. Your future is in your hands.

You are the master of your own destiny!

Swot analysis is a great way to find your life and form a goal to achieve success. This is yet another way that helps you improve in various areas of your life.

4 Pillars Of SWOT

SWOT analysis contains 4 pillars that help you identify yourself.

Based on the research, it is shown that the people who have well-defined and clear goals in life achieve success faster than the people who don’t have well-defined goals in life.

Are you ready to write your success story?

Let me help you with understanding, what does SWOT mean first and thereafter, I would highly recommend doing this exercise not only for you, but you can do this for your business, help a friend in need, your children and other people whom you think would be benefitted by this.

Let’s now understand each element of SWOT-


Start to think about what are the things that you are good at. Such skills, attributes/qualities that will help you achieve your goals.

What you can do better than anyone else, something that makes you happy, content & confident from within. Write down a minimum of 5-7 qualities that describes your strengths really well.

You don’t need to be a Superman to save the world, just focus on changing your own attitude and form an optimistic approach in life.


Understanding weakness as the point where you need to put extra effort or it could be challenging for you or it could be something that you hate doing it. These are generally referred to as something that is stopping you from achieving your goals.

Write down your weaknesses first and also, what actions are you going to take to overcome those weaknesses.

Learning from your weakness also helps you identify the possibilities of risks that could be minimized in the future and isn’t that what you want? You don’t want to invest your time into something where the gains won’t be there. Remember-

                              Time = Money

You can still earn the money but the time once gone is gone.


Based on your strengths, think about what opportunities you have or what can be created based on your strengths or skills.

How could you maximize your efforts into something productive?

Based on your attributes, what are the unexplored areas?

Start writing about your hobbies, passion, and interest in something that will provide you with an entrepreneurial opportunity and an extra income on the side.

Assess your children’s ability and explore what can you do extra to help them in their growth?

Sometimes, there are opportunities right in front of us but they are never touched. It is because of our inability to see what lies in front and what can we do extra to turn those opportunities into a business.

The SWOT analysis helps you analyze all the risks & growth opportunities that you might have never thought of.

Think Slow But Act Fast. Opportunities Don’t Last Forever.


This is a probability situation. These are generally the external or maybe internal factors that could be beyond our control. And they hamper our progress.

Every one of us has to deal with such threats, there is no one in this world who might say that Oh, I am someone who never faces any threats.

Begin with assessing all the social, economic and cultural conditions involved that are stopping you from achieving what you really want.

These are the obstacles and hurdles that you face on a day to day basis. Formulate a plan on how to win over obstacles. Don’t let these obstacles win over you.

List down the steps that you could implement to minimize the risks or the threats that you believe are not letting you grow in life.

In this photo below, I have used an example to show you how is that you need to use this tool.

You can simply create 4-quadrants on a piece of paper or create one of your pc. Don’t let your failures stop you.


Comment below what have you gained from this post.

Your one good share can change the life of someone you know and how good is that?

Learn to improve but not to prove.

I want to see you grow and become awesome.

All the very best. May you get closer to your goal each & every day.

Luv Khattar


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