Have You Got What It Takes To Become An Entrepreneur? 5 Traits!

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Whether you are in Job or a Business, do you have what it takes to become a successful Entrepreneur?

Some people are born with this talent and some learn externally.

Follow these tips to see, what it takes to initiate your entrepreneurial journey.

1. Don’t Ever Say No To Learning.

You know that you have what it takes but with the rapid change in the information, how do you find yourself coping up with your learning every day. Do you allocate time to learn if not it isn’t too late, start today, start investing your learning now?

One of the greatest entrepreneurial assets is the knowledge and unstoppable attitude towards learning and that is how they grow.

Are you the one spending most of your time on Social media and not gaining anything knowledge out of it. Stop now!

Change your mindset into forming habits that contribute to your success.

Genuinely, the more time I have started investing in myself I actually wish to have longer days so that I can invest more time into learning.


Your best investment is on you but nothing else!

Even SpiderMan invests his time learning something new other than saving the World. Isn’t that what we should be focussing on too? 

2. Do You Care For Your Customers & They Find You Trustworthy.

Customers contribute to your business success. Do you feel pride that you are customer-centric?

If I were to ask you about your customer service skills, how would you rate it? The reason why I am asking is that it not only contributes to your business success but also generates a free form of advertisement for your business (mouth-mouth advertising).

And that is the best form of advertisement in whatever business or industry you are.

My best strategy is to focus on the customer’s needs and that is it 90% of the job is done. I have won the trust of my customers and when I have done that they buy from me easily and I hate to break their trust. I value my customer’s needs and I value their money so that they don’t feel that I have asked them to spend more on anything that they buy from me.

As an establishing or a successful entrepreneur, this is the first step to win more customers.

3. Developing Good Listening Skills.

You want to be a successful entrepreneur then work on your listening skills. I learned this about 2 years ago during training. And since then I have won the trust of many customers. I let my customers talk when I am trying closing a $500K deal or any deal. Let your customers talk!

I used to focus on features & benefits but when I started focussing on the consulting my customers, I started making more sales than ever.

The whole idea is to talk only when needed and listen more because that will give you more time to think and choose your words correctly.

You can really go and read all the sales & leadership books out there and it is all about listening and being proactive.

Communication isn’t about just speaking well but it is about understanding well.

4. Are You Someone Who Is Always Ready To Solve A Problem?

How do you rate your problem-solving skills?

It is something that every entrepreneur really focusses on. They are born researchers. Entrepreneurs spend a lot of time researching ideas on how to grow the business?

Your problem-solving skills not only help you personally but help your customers too. And this asset will help you acquire the trust of your customers very easily. (Example- Lawyers, business consultant, doctors & accountant)

And problem-solving skills requires patience and structured thinking before trying to implement any idea.

The problem-solving ability of yours will only help you win the hearts of your customers also, in the long run, it will help you make and save money.

Making money is undoubtedly important but saving has to be crucial.

You don’t want all your money getting drained out on seeking professional advice, isn’t that? So, to become a skilled problem-solver, all that it needs is your time, your investment into knowledge.

There is no harm in seeking a pro’s advice but you don’t want to be someone going out again and again and spending on getting advice that you could search on Google or any other search engine.

In the future, your planning, knowledge and problem-solving ability can help you become an online consultant who is getting paid for the advice that you are providing to the customers. Think it that ways. That’s another business idea for you!

5. Can You Relate Yourself Easily To A Customer & Can Come Up With A Solution.

Sharing a story is an art and the people who are skilled in this art are able to sell easily and attain success. It isn’t about reading a lot of stories before going to bed but it is about the experiences that you have come across and the ability to relate this with your customer’s problems.

As an example, when I was working in a Vaccum shop and was trying to sell a really expensive Vac to a customer, I needed to know what the problems are and why do they need a vacuum?

Obviously, I am trying to do a sale here but importantly I want to understand my customer’s requirements too. If I start pitching to ’em straight away. They will walk away.

They have several problems that their existing vacuum cannot solve and due to which some members in the family are getting allergic, which is an emotional gong. First thing, people buy based on emotions but nothing else!

Secondly, the problem they have is getting serious because they have to pay a visit to the family doctor which isn’t what they want.

So, I have found the problem and now I have to present a solution so that they will purchase the recommended product.

I want this entire sales process to be controlled by me that is the reason why I gave my customers the chance to talk for the time they wanted to. And it’s my chance now, no doubt, there will be Q&A in between and that is a part of the process.

The next step is story-telling and believe me guys someone somewhere in your family must have come across these situations and how you co-relate the situations is what makes you a great storyteller.

In this scenario, I had Sinus issues that started on when I stayed in a property which wasn’t well-taken care off and I paid for medical invoices but one day friend recommended me a vacuum that solved my issue, would you like to have a look at it. The customer wants a solution and obviously, you need to create value before selling.

So, that is what I referred to the art of sharing your personal situations and building a lego block and winning the customer’s trust.

I sincerely that you must have liked the ideas and if you feel that there is still something missing, feel free to comment below and I will comment on your post. 

All the very best,

Luv Khattar

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