5 Tricks To Improve Your Listening Skills- Crack Your IELTS Listening!

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How To Improve Your Listening Skills?

5 effective ways discussed that will help you with your communication skills.

1. Listen Attentively To The Speaker.

    The first point clearly indicates that if you don’t listen to the speaker with your full attention, you will definitely end up misunderstanding the key points of the conversation.

    The only way to minimize this is by being attentive and remaining focused entirely on what is being said by the speaker.

    2. Ask To Repeat If You Are Unsure Of Something

      If in doubt, there is nothing wrong in asking the information again. Don’t feel that asking someone again if you misunderstood will bring you down.

      Gone are the days when people used to think that if I would ask again, what others would think about me? This is a misconception these days.

      Everyone is trying to save time by ensuring that what is being said is clearly understood by the listener.

      If you misunderstood something, it is entirely your will to recheck with the speaker instead of carrying out the wrong task and costing someone time & money. Minimize the risk of quality by ensuring that you have gathered the right information.

      3. Do Not Interrupt Someone While Talking

        Many people have this habit to interrupt others while talking. And this is something that stop others to trust you.

        What does trust have to do with it?

        Many people think that you are over smart and pretends to know everything and you are least interested in others. And people don’t like this idea because everyone likes to be listened to first.

        And if you want to have good communication skills, understand that it is good to let others talk and this allows you to have more time thinking and delivering your idea to the point.

        That means, more listening and less talking.

        Why are we given 2 ears, 2 eyes, and 1 mouth?

        There is a concept behind this- Listen & observe more but talk less and use more intelligence.

        4. Limit The Noise Around Or Minimize The Distractions

          One of the ways to limit distractions is by putting your phones on silent mode while being in a meeting or talking on an important topic with someone.

          And also, being at a place that has fewer distractions like traffic or people around because this will allow you to focus on the conversation.

          The better your focus be, the chances of gathering the information would be accurate. Distractions around would mean that the mind will require efforts to focus on someone.

          Think it this way, would you like to put more effort instead you can do something by putting fewer efforts just by doing a few things in a better way. It’s all about building the right habits.

          5. Clarify What Has Been Discussed

            This is one of the best habits that helped me improve my listening skills. Repeating what is being said also lets the speaker understand that you are very interested in this conversation.

            And just by ensuring that you have repeated the words lets the speaker also know that you have clarified all the information with them. This habit minimizes the chances of mistakes and improves the quality of your efforts.

            Always check with the speaker in your own words that what you said is that- Am I right?

            So, this will help you gain the right information and deliverables are on time too.

            Just imagine that if you have to pass the information to a third party, the information passed will be accurate since you have clarified the information.

            With the help of the information above, I was able to crack my IELTS exam back in the year 2008.

            I always think that the knowledge I have and around me, there is nothing wrong with sharing it. And this is how one should think, well, not forcing anyone to think like me but I have developed this habit over a course of time.

            Knowledge is such a powerful tool that increases with sharing. So, if you have liked the knowledge here then do me a favor, share this with your friends and help them improve their learning and improving their communication skills.

            Thanks for reading, be better with each passing day.

            God Bless

            Luv Khattar


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