5 Ideas That Will Reduce Your Work Stress Now!

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How To Deal With Stressful Situations At Work- 5 Ideas To Reduce Stress.

You aren’t born to take the entire burden of the World on your tender shoulders.

1. Avoid The Company Of The Negative People

    Be in the company of the people who motivate you and inspire you to be better and at the same time help you achieve your goals.

    I understand the fact that there would be office groups but it is up to you how you manage to break through such groups and make a space for yourself. It isn’t easy but everything gets better with time.

    Your good acts are noticed so don’t lose your hopes that you are doing good to others but in return, you are attracting bad.

    Understand one thing, it’s just a matter of time and circumstances change with time. Your good deeds will help you get recognized sooner or later. Don’t be upset.

    2. Remain Action-Oriented S7 Stop Procrastination

      Don’t focus on what others are doing. Just shifting your focus to self will help become more action-oriented and this will help you remain away from awkward situations at work. The more you focus on others will affect your productivity.

      There are doers and excuse givers in every work. Be a doer, this will not only help you gain recognition but promotions and perks too.

      If you focus much on the people who aren’t doing anything, this will pull your own morale down. Don’t be someone who delays their work from today to tomorrow and so on. The more you procrastinate, the lazier you start becoming.

      Motivate yourself and others about why one should try to finish their work on or before time, this allows you to find more time and space for yourself.

      3. Learn To Train Your Brain By Following The Meditation Techniques

        During periods of stress, what I like to do is to meditate and follow deep breathing exercises and believe me, this really helps. I am someone who performs really well under pressure but there are others who cannot deal with pressure.

        And pressure takes away their productivity. To deal with pressure situations, the best way is to focus your mind on one thing. The driving force behind developing focus at one thing at a time is learning to meditate. The meditation techniques help you stay calm, focused and perform well.

        Start doing this for a week and take regular breaks to give more time to yourself. This is something that you can do whilst doing any work.

        Go backward if you want to move forward. This is what meditation technique teaches you. You spend more time with yourself and learn about your strengths, this way you will focus more on tasks that work as per your strengths.

        4. Focus On Your Strengths

          The one thing everyone must know in life is- what is their purpose?

          People tend to talk a lot about finding their purpose in life and spend their entire life trying to find their purpose. Instead, they are always closer to their purpose.

          Let me share with you, how?

          Well, I am again no different from you. I tried seeking a purpose for the past more than 12-15 years or so but it just happened one day that I realized I always knew my purpose and I am pursuing my purpose.

          Do you want to know, how I realized that I always knew my purpose but ironically, the purpose wasn’t known to me?

          I never knew about my strengths; I tend to focus on what I didn’t have. I never activated the thought process that would allow me to know more about myself.

          The more you know about you, the closer you would be to the purpose.

          Learn to know your strengths by carrying the SWOT analysis.

          5. Take Small Breaks Off The Work & Don’t Stay At The Work Place

            Allow yourself more time of the work if you are feeling stressed, the more you remain at work during breaks, the more sort of work attachment will be there. Allow yourself to run away from work for even a short while.

            Be that for 15 minutes, you could go for a quick run or a walk. You could sit on the green grass and enjoy the blue skies. You could sit near the beach and enjoy the sounds coming from the sea.

            Something that relaxes your mind, your soul and sends soothing energy in your body back again.

            These small breaks work like the detox for your mind.


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