A Man Is Made By His Beliefs

Promoting The Teachings Of Bhagwad Geeta


The more you learn, the more you earn. Never stop learning. Learning is a continuous process that helps you get closer to your purpose. Your aim has to be to grow in life.


Your growth is directly proportional to your efforts. Efforts in the right direction keep you motivated to walk and pursue your goals faster and efficiently. Planning leads to growth.


Success is by far a journey but not a destination. Keep your definition of success aligned to your personality. A mismatch of anything won't let you gain success.

Let Us Get Acquainted

A Short Intro About Luv (Author of the Website)
Luv Khattar

Luv Khattar

Your Friend

Happy to introduce myself here. My name is Luv Khattar. The reason to build this website is to promote general education. Through this website, I am inspired to share my knowledge and help people gain success in life. The inspiration is derived from Bhagwad Geeta.

What Will You Learn With Me

I will share my failure & success secrets!
Failure Secrets

Failure Secrets

Failure Leads To Success

Almost everyone likes to talk about success but why not failures? There is no harm in sharing failures because someone can learn from failures too that will help them not repeat the mistakes and achieve success.

Success Sure Shot

Success Sure Shot

Patience Leads To Success

Success needs sacrifices. Do you have the guts to face the failures and face the failures with courage and yet keep walking. Do not give up. The courage that you show today will result in building a better tomorrow. Just don't forget what you are here for.

Training & Development

Training & Development

It's All In The Mind

Mind is tricky. Don't let your mind play with you. The training that I shall be discussing are self-practiced training that will help you grow personally. Your efforts must be focused on training and the results will be in front of you.


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